Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Unusual Suspects - Finding Motion Offense Inspiration In Most Unusual Places

In seeking out inspiration in the designing of plays necessary to run an effective Team Hurricane offense, it's easy to assume that one should merely turn to the usual suspects like: Spurs, Thunder, Heat, Mavericks, Clippers and Trailblazers. Why wouldn't you?…they make up some of the more successful teams in the NBA  But in my never-ending quest to develop an effective and productive offense, I leave no rock unturned.  I continue to examine the many different offenses employed by teams, whether they be in high school, college or the NBA.  What I find fascinating is that some of the less prominent teams in the NBA run very imaginative offenses.  They run offenses that I personally find appealing because they contain some of the key elements I find important to motion offense basketball:
  • screens away from the ball
  • misdirection
  • utilization of the UCLA cut
  • constant ball & player movement

I like how many of the teams below are using such creative ways on offense to compete against more talented teams.  So lets salute these underdog teams for the imagination they use to score.  

Charlotte Bobcats
I love the UCLA cut and therefore enjoy the way the Charlotte Bobcats utilize this renown cut in their offense.

Utah Jazz (Post Jerry Sloan)
The Jazz of the post Jerry Sloan era use a slice cut/diagonal screen and constant screening in a very effective way.

Atlanta Hawks
I've always used the "thru action" (cut to corner) on the strong side.  But here the Hawks use the thru action to the weak side.  I like how this offense gets the ball moving from side to side to side and its player movement.

Philadelphia 76ers
76ers do nice job of using the "thru action" on the strong side and continue with shuffle cut action.  The shuffle cut is something I would like to explore more in the future.

As you can see, these underdog teams use a variety of creative ways to get quality shots.   Just as great to see...motion offense is alive and well in the NBA!

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