Thursday, 23 January 2014

Quick Hitter #3 - Playing the Game With Imagination

Just wanted to quickly post and share something I came across the other day.  It's a video clip by a coach I admire, Bob McKillop of Davidson College (Stephen Curry's college coach).  In his video, Drills to Build Your Offensive Imagination he says, "Practice with imagination.  Einstein says, 'Imagination is greater than knowledge.'   Always play with imagination on the court..  Come off every cut and every screen, ready to score..Don't play the play, see the game."  Coach McKillop is basically saying don't play like a robot.  I always have to remind my players, if a play calls for you to make a pass to a certain spot, but it isn't there…don't force it.  Don't be a robot.  See the game, use your imagination! :-)

Coach McKillop and Stephen Curry

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